Some dissertation chapters

Some dissertation chapters

A thesis or dissertation is a type of academic paper that almost every university student writes when they get a higher education. It may seem hard to write one. Well, it is definitely not easy. The good news is that there are some ways to make the writing and research process easier for a student.
1. The first part of a thesis – abstract and theory.
In this part, you introduce the reader to the topic of your paper. It is important to make this part as clear as possible. Include all relevant concepts, terms, and details. This is the part where you discuss the importance of your research and the topic you were working with. Remember that the audience you will address in your thesis is your professors and people from the academic community. Do not go down to the very basics, unless it is needed. Your audience is expected to be proficient in the field you are researching.
2. Middle part – methods and results
In this part, you will provide the reader with information about the methods you have used and the results you obtained. Do not make your methods part vague and unclear. Be as explicit and specific as you can. The goal of this part is to describe your experiment in such detail that others can complete it in the future too. Make sure you mention all the equipment you have used and share everything you find important and worth knowing before conducting this experiment. Especially if your thesis and research are connected to STEM disciplines. The results part is quite easy when compared to other parts of your thesis. Here you should provide the reader with your findings – it can be both numbers and observations. Why is it so easy? Because you are not supposed to analyze anything. You should simply state every information you have obtained and do not try to interpret it in any way. The interpretation of the findings is being held in the discussion part of your thesis.

3. Conclusion
In the end, you will have a discussion and conclusion part. For discussion, you will need to talk about your findings and interpret the data from your experiment or research. Do say what you’ve said in the results part here. Instead, try to explain what these results mean. In the conclusion, you should once again repeat the purpose of this research and its findings. Please tell me about the real-world implications of the information you have obtained. State any possible sources of error and what changes in the research design can increase the accuracy of the findings. 
4. References
In the academic field, references are just as important as every other part of the thesis. Make sure to properly cite every resource that you have used when writing your paper. Do not hesitate to use outside sources – they will increase the credibility of your work and show that you are supporting your words with facts. However, it is not recommended to reference general sources such as blog posts and websites. Even Wikipedia is not considered as a good reference source. To make your paper more grounded on proven facts, use only scholarly articles. Also, do not forget to use proper citation format and in-text citations. Failing to stick to those requirements will lead to the plagiarism accusation and maybe even being suspended from the course you are taking.
To succeed with this complicated and significant academic work, just try to be sincerely interested in the topic of your thesis and try to share it with your readers. Make it concise, detailed, and corresponding to the level of academic writing. Do not forget to revise your paper in the end. You will most likely catch some spelling and grammar errors.

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